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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this improve the health and wellness of firefighters?
Although there is no magic pill for improved health and wellness, the benefits of members’ taking control of their health through customized physician-monitored assessments and wellness-expert health strategies, are too numerous to catalogue. Indivualized health data monitoring by a physician further helps firefighters identify personal risk trends and assists in early disease detection.
If I turn on HealthWatch what information about me do the physicians and wellness guides see?
When HealthWatch is enabled, physicians can see your health and wellness data, and wellness guides can see only wellness-program information. Both physicians and wellness guides will be able to see your profile details (regardless of whether HealthWatch is enabled), messages you may have exchanged with one another, and any shared notes that they have linked to your profile.
HealthWatch can be turned on or off within the profile page at any time.
How do I know my data is kept private, safe and secure?
Aivia Health implements several data protection mechanisms. Firstly, all data exchanged between your web browser and the application server are encrypted using 256-bit SSL technology (note the valid certificate designation within your browser and the HTTPS prefix within any site URL). The database is also encrypted using Microsoft's Total Data Encryption technology (TDE) to ensure that the database is encrypted while at rest. Sensitive database fields, such as first name, last name and email are also encrypted. This means that even if the database is compromised, the data is non-identifiable.
Within the application itself, role-based security is implemented. This means that even if a user figured out the URL scheme to view someone else's records, they would need to be logged in, have a role assigned to them that would allow them access to the particular area, and have access to the requested record.
Vulnerability monitoring is also enabled within the hosted application and database environments, and regular audits are performed to detect anomalies. Further, multi-factor authentication can be enabled for any account for an additional level of access protection, and when any unsuccessful login attempt occurs, the associated account will receive an immediate notification alerting to the incident with the option to reset the account credentials.
While it is very difficult to guarantee that data can be made 100% secure when hosted on the open internet, we can take adequate steps to mitigate data vulnerability and exploitation, such as all of those mentioned above.
Can I deactivate my account?
Absolutely. In fact, you are in complete control of your account and data. Not only can you choose whether or not to allow physicians and wellness professionals to view your health and wellness data, you can, at any time, deactivate your account and de-identify associated health and wellness data.
Within the profile page, select Deactivate Account. When you do, your account will be marked for deactivation in 15 days. If you log in during this period, account deactivation will be cancelled. If not, your profile will be de-identified and no longer be accessible.