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A team effort.

An individual's health and wellness is a complex combination of measurable attributes and lifestyle elements. To ensure members receive the best possible care, a network of professionals across a variety of health and wellness disciplines contribute their specialized expertise. This focused collaboration results in members receiving 360 degree oversight and guidance.

This platform is made possible and supported by (in alphabetical order):

Altitude Logic
With over 20 years of experience within public and private sectors, and within health, energy and agricultural industries, Altitude Logic has the role of solution architect and sees to all design, software and database development, as well as infrastructure management.
Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti
An emergency department physician, a university professor, Past-President of the Canadian Medical Association and Past-President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Dr. Francescutti is the lead monitoring physician and medical liaison.
Surrey Fire Fighters Association Local 1271
The Men and Women of the Surrey Fire Fighters Association are dedicated to saving lives and protecting property for the residents of the City of Surrey, and are very active in the community providing leadership and lending a hand when and where needed.
Surrey Fire Service
Surrey Fire Service, a well-known leader in occupational risk research, recognizes the importance of enhanced worker health and wellness and commissioned the development of this platform to meet the specific needs of the first responder industry.