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Health and wellness live here.

A groundbreaking health solution for your organization's most valuable assets.

Manage your health and wellness in 360 degrees under the direct supervision of health and wellness professionals. Track various physical, social and brain-related attributes and have medical doctors and wellness coaches monitor your progress. Guidance is provided to help ensure receive the right information at the right time to improve and maintain optimal results.
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The recipe to healthier, happier and longer lives.

Health Monitoring
From resting heart rate to anxiety and stress, track various health metrics and identify which need the most attention.
Wellness Coaching
Make the right lifestyle changes to improve your overall health, and stay on top of any trends that are significant.
Physician Guidance
Physicians and wellness experts monitor your progress and provide guidance to help you live a healthier, happier and longer life.
Workers participate in periodic self-assessment surveys to determine their level of risk and vulnerability within various areas of their health.
Personalized Goals
Collaborate with various health and wellness experts to set realistic short and long-term personal goals.
Trend Analyses
View a visual history for health metrics, self assessments, and wellness elements to easily identify concerning trends.
Peer Comparisons
Anonymous and aggregated statistics are used to compare peer groups based on various demographical attributes.
Custom Assessments
Organizations can create custom assessments for workers to track and compare their results across any category.
Spark Surveys
Organizations use custom surveys to gain a more meaningful understanding of or hone in on any topic or issue.
Early Detection
Physicians and wellness experts monitor a combination of health and wellness factors to help identify early signs of disease or illness.
Proactive Treatment
Be referred for screening or treatment if anomalies or concerning factors appear within your health and wellness profile.
Healthy Lifestyles
With guidance from a variety of medical and wellness experts, develop a lifestyle that supports a stronger, healthier and longer life.
Anonymized Analytics
Analytics data is anonymized and aggregated to ensure that no individual can be identified in any result set.
Secure Messaging
Communications between physicians and workers are secured within the system and are not detailed within email messages.
Encrypted Data
Application use is secured using bank-level encryption, and the database and sensitive data columns are also encrypted.
Smart Watch Integration
View and analyze your health metrics from other health providers such as Fitbit. Finally, everything in one place!